Next Level Ad Spying - Paul Jeyapal

Next Level Ad Spying

by Paul Jeyapal

Want to make massive profits in the online game? Step number one is learn exactly how your competitors are doing it, so you can do the same, only better. Super Affiliate Paul Jeyapal shows you how to get the best out of every ad spying tool, how to cross reference results from each to find out exactly what all your top competitors are doing to drive massive profits.

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What Will I Learn?

In this awesome module, Super Affiliate Paul Jeyapal walks you through step by step how to do some seriously next level ad spying. Many marketers start and end with simple keyword searches, but Paul shows us his simple tactics to dig into the data to find and replicate the true best performing ads.

What is the Purpose of Ad Spying?

Where to Start with Ad Spying

What Ad Spying Tool to Use

How to Start You Campaign with You Competitor's Best Performing Ads

How to Determine if an Offer is an Affiliate Gold Mine

How to Dig Deep Across Multiple End Points to Find What's Working

How to Find Out if an Offer is Direct or Rebrokered

How to Find Your Top Competitors by Their Tracker Domain

Meet Your Trainer

Paul  Jeyapal

Paul Jeyapal

Paul is co-founder and CEO of Synapse Media Group, a leading performance marketing agency specialized in Facebook and PPC traffic. Paul started his career in Internet Marketing as a self-taught SEO specialist. After building a lucrative local SEO consultancy, he became obsessed with paid traffic and in becoming a super-affiliate. Working as an internal performance media buyer at one of the largest mobile DSP's, Paul became an expert at RTB media buying for mobile traffic. When given the chance to work with Facebook Ads, Paul discovered his sweet spot and has since gone on to starting his own agency and managing millions in ad spend.

Course Description

Paul Jeyapal walks you through step by step, his process of finding the best performing HDTV Antenna campaign. Along the way, Paul explains his next level ad spying method. Paul's method goes much deeper than simple keyword searches and he'll show you exactly how he exposes the most valuable data available through any ad spying tool.


Section 1

  • Why Ad Spy on Your Competitors?
  • Getting Started with Ad Spying
  • What Tools to Use for Ad Spying

Section 2

  • HDTV Antenna Campaign
  • Tracker Domain Spying
  • Personal Spreadsheet for Ad Spying

Section 3

  • Advanced Spying Techniques
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Single Course

Get The Competitive Edge With Next Level Ad Spying

Why Use Spy Tools

Tracker Domain Spying

Advanced Spying Techniques


Single Course

Get The Competitive Edge With Next Level Ad Spying

Why Use Spy Tools

Tracker Domain Spying

Advanced Spying Techniques


Free Preview

Affiliate Bundle

Everything Your Need to Take Your Affiliate Marketing to the next Level

Why Use Spy Tools

Tracker Domains Spying

Advanced Spying Techniques

FB Queen's Step By Step Guide to her Facebook Campaigns Strategy

The Testing Methodology That Could Save you Millions

How to have Success With Native Advertising


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