How to Make it Reign on Facebook - FB Queen

How to Make it Reign on Facebook

by FBQueen 👑

Facebook is the in-arguably the most powerful advertising platform on the planet, but it’s definitely not always friendly to CPA advertisers (affiliate media buyers). This is the issue that FBQueen tackles directly with her three part module on Facebook Ads for CPA advertisers.

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What Will I Learn?

Students will come away from FBQueen’s module with a clear strategy for how to choose, setup, optimize and scale whitehat CPA Facebook campaigns. Get a glimpse at her mind map for campaign selection and success.

How To Pick The Right Offers

How to Work With Your Affiliate Managers

How to Research Offer

Campaign Set Up

How to Scale Your Results

Meet Your Trainer

FBQueen 👑

FBQueen 👑

Christina is a successful entrepreneur and a businesswoman, with over 10 years of experience building, running and operating her performance marketing business. Christina is the soul and sass behind the FBQueen brand, her passion and purpose is consulting performance marketers how to take their business to the next level using Facebook Ads. She’s one of the Moderators on the Premium Affiliate Marketing Forum: STM and a welcome speaker at affiliate conferences around the world.

Course Description

FB Queen starts with a detailed analysis of how to choose affiliate CPA offers that will comply with Facebook’s terms and conditions and moves on to how to get them set up for success.

She explains best practices for how to setup your ads manager and campaign structure, as well as how to select content for your ads. This course will walk you through her entire decision making process of ad creation, execution and optimization. 


FB Queen Walks Students Through Campaign Research, Preparation and Scaling Results

Introduction to Facebook Advertising and Offers

  • What Type of Offers Will Work For You
  • How to Choose a CPA Network
  • Working with Affiliate Managers
  • Negotiating Payouts

Researching Offers and Set Up

  • Customer Psychology
  • How to use Spy Tools
  • Identifying Audiences

Creating Ad Content

  • Understanding Campaign Objectives
  • Campaign Structure
  • Audience Development
  • Navigating Business Manager

Campaign Execution

  • Campaign Set Up
  • Optimizing Tips
  • Account Best Practices
  • Ad Content Best Practices
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Get FB Queen's Single Course Or As a Part of The Affiliate Marketing Bundle Pack

How to Make it Reign on Facebook

FB Queen Walks You Through How to Select Offers, Set Up, Optimize and Scale

How to Select the Right Offer for Facebook

Working with CPA Networks

Optimize and Scale Campaigns for Success


How to Make it Reign on Facebook

FB Queen Walks You Through How to Select Offers, Set Up, Optimize and Scale

How to Select the Right Offer for Facebook

Working with CPA Networks

Optimize and Scale Campaigns for Success


Free Preview

Affiliate Bundle

Get FB Queen's Facebook Guide + 3 Courses on Native Ads, Spying and Testing Methods

How to Select the Right Offers for Facebook

Working with CPA Networks

Optimizing and Scaling for Success

Ad Spying - Gain the Competitive Edge

Native Advertising Case Study

Testing Methodolgies for Success


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