Ad Copy Diagnosis with Dr. Direct - Drew Eric Whitman

Ad Copy Diagnosis with Dr. Direct

by Drew Eric Whitman

Drew Eric Whitman, author of the best-seller, Cashvertising, and internationally recognized copywriting expert returns to share his valuable insights into exactly why the best ads work as they do. 

We've provided him with 20 top-performing Facebook Ads -- the giants that encouraged huge shares and massive sales. Watch as he dissects each in detail and tells you exactly what makes them so successful... how they could be made even better... and exactly what you can do to incorporate all the proven-winning elements in your own advertising for a big boost in your own response.

Prepare yourself for a fast, fun and content-heavy training that changes how you think about writing ads that sell!  

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What Will I Learn?

Drew's amazing module will be presented in his signature style, pulling no punches and speaking to students as if they've engaged him in a private 1 on 1 mastermind.

How to write killer Facebook Ad Headlines

How to write ad headlines that sell

The psychological underpinnings of good ads

The copywriting elements that lead to virality

How to drive engagement with your copy

Copy that affects ads negatively / words to avoid

Meet Your Trainer

Drew Eric Whitman

Drew Eric Whitman

For over 33 years, advertising consultant, trainer and author Drew Eric Whitman—a.k.a. Dr. Direct!™—has been studying the "psychology behind the response." Through his books, audio programs, seminars and articles, Drew teaches business owners worldwide how to increase their sales and profits by harnessing the power of little-known techniques of advertising and consumer psychology. His work has been used by companies ranging from small retail shops and home-based entrepreneurs, to global Fortune 500 giants. Drew is the author of the international best-sellers Cashvertising -- translated into nine languages -- and Brain Scripts for Sales Success.

Course Description

In this module Drew Eric Whitman goes over roughly 20 different ads, following their flow from ad, through to landing page, through to sales page, dissecting each element that works and calling out ones that could be improved. In his conversational style, Drew walks students through the dos and don'ts of successful Facebook copywriting for advertising.


Section 1

What can we learn from "The Squatty Potty"? Neophilia Everywhere!


Section 2

  • The Power of Social Proof
  • Zungle Sunglasses
  • Magical Grip
  • The Pancake Flipper
  • Handy Stitch
  • Angel Daughter

Section 3

Features and Benefits: A Match Made In Heaven

  • Santa Writes
  • FIXD
  • Tub Shroom
  • Laser Crochet

Section 4: What can we learn from Dollar Shave Club?

  • Grunt Style
  • Poopouri
  • Pet Care Card (Don't Blame The Product)
  • Privacy Pop
  • Pretty Litter

Section 5

  • Credibility Matters: What Not To Do
  • Fragrant Jewels
  • HD Mirror Cam
  • The Original Mighty Sealer
  • Luma Candles
  • Airman

Section 6

31 Facebook Copy Success Tips

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Single Course

Drew Critiques 2016's Best Performing Ads to Show You How To Make Your Ad's Top Performers

How To Write Facebook Ad Headlines That Grab Attention

Psychology of Good Ads

Copywriting To Go Viral


Single Course

Drew Critiques 2016's Best Performing Ads to Show You How To Make Your Ad's Top Performers

How To Write Facebook Ad Headlines That Grab Attention

Psychology of Good Ads

Copywriting To Go Viral


Free Preview

Drew's Copywriting Bundle

Get Drew Eric Whitman Guide to Better Performing Ad Copy and Writing Killer Copy

How To Write Facebook Ad Headlines That Grab Attention

Psychology of Good Ads

Copywriting To Go Viral

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